VIGOR++ Organises 3rd Workshop and Demonstration

VIGOR++ organises its third and final annual workshop on 9 May 2014 in London. At this workshop we will have gastrointestinal radiologists demonstrating a system developed and a range of technologists describing the key developments that have enabled this. There will also be presentations from a patient group, a clinical trials company interested in its application for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and an MRI manufacturer giving a perspective on developments in MRI.

In particular, speakers from the VIGOR++ consortium include Dr Frans Vos (TU Delft), Dr Harry Hatzakis (Biotronics 3D), Prof Jaap Stoker (AMC), Prof Stuart Taylor (UCLH), Prof Alastair Forbes (UEA), Prof Joachim Buhmann (ETH Zurich) and Prof Hans-Christian Hege (ZIB).

Scientific posters will be presented by Mr Zhang Li (TU Delft), Mr Robiel Naziroglou (TU Delft), Mr Jeroen Van Schie, (TU Delft), Mr Peter Schüffler, (ETH Zurich), Dr Dwarikanath Mahapatra, (ETH Zurich), Mr Jeroen A.W. Tielbeek and Mr Carl Puylaert (AMC), Dr Jesica Makanyanga, (UCLH) and Mr Falko Marquardt (ZIB). 

Future Outlook Statements will be given by Dr Craig Buckley (Siemens), Ms Christina King (Robarts Clinical Trials) and Mr Michael Seres, (Patient Group Representative & Blogger). 

The event will be concluded with views on Exploitation and Other Applications by Dr Simon Aliwell (Vodera)

Please visit the workshop`s page for details on the agenda and registration.