Outstanding Paper Award at MICCAI 2013 Workshop

VIGOR++ researchers received the Outstanding Paper Award at the MICCAI 2013 Abdominal Imaging Workshop in Nagoya, Japan for their paper entitled A Model Development Pipeline for Crohn’s Disease Severity Assessment from Magnetic Resonance Images.

The paper investigates the potential of noninvasive magnetic resonance imaging to estimate clinical severity scores, together with the underlying question which features are most relevant for this estimation task. It proposes a new general and modular pipeline that uses machine learning techniques to quantify disease severity from MR images and show its value on Crohn’s Disease severity assessment on 30 patients scored by four medical experts. The new pipeline is shown to provide a magnetic resonance imaging score which outperforms two existing reference scores.

P.J. Schüffler, D. Mahapatra, J.A.W. Tielbeek, F.M. Vos, J. Makanyanga, D.A. Pendsé, C.Y. Nio, J. Stoker, S.A. Taylor, and J.M. Buhmann have co-authored the paper, which is a direct outcome of the collaborative research being conducted by the VIGOR++ project.

The Award Committee commented: There is clinical need for a practical quantitative tool for assessment of severity of Crohn’s disease for treatment planning. In this paper, the authors pioneered a feasible computational solution for this highly challenging but clinically significant problem by implementing a machine-learning pipeline and comprehensive statistical analysis thereof. The study results are likely to be useful in guiding future research toward fully automated MRE-based assessment of Crohn’s severity.